Tweak Development Guide

This Is A Basic Guide To Tweak Development in 2020 - Made By @ThomasKodey

The main creation for this guide is the fact there are so many amazing developers out there that have amazing ideas and brilliant concepts

But the barrier to entry is too high, there aren't any complete guides out there and ones that are tend to be outdated


If You Want To Learn OBJ-C (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Here Are A Few Links:

We will be coding in objective-c so learning it, is going to be pretty important. As your skills develop you pick up the language more and more Practice literarily does make perfect, it will seem hard at the start but over time it becomes way easier


Tweak Design is not easy, it is incredibly frustrating sometimes however it is very rewarding.

Although the Tweak Development Community is very welcoming and helpful Please do try and try solve problems on your own before asking anyone

Just like in any other programming language, people have probably had your problem before

Stack Overflow - This is incredibly helpful for finding out solutions in programming in general. Google - As stupid as this sounds, just a quick google can fix most issues Open Source Tweaks - These are a bunch of Open Source Tweaks to use as a reference if you are unsure on certain things

Enjoy this guide, and happy developing

Guide Made By Kodey

P.S If there is anything you want to add to the guide or think would be useful to know please DM me on Twitter @ThomasKodey